Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Great Outdoors #betterwithcake!

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day (unusual for Easter Monday!) so we decided we would head out a bit further into the country to our local point to point.  What better way to enjoy the sunshine with a picnic which was made #betterwithcake!

Macy actually picked her Joules hoodie out herself which I though was very apt! 

However it may have been something to do with me telling her we were going to see the horses!!
My mum, Macy and I found ourselves a lovely spot on the bank overlooking the racecourse and sat down to enjoy our hog roast rolls.  What better way to finish than with some cake.  Mr Kipling had sent us a lovely selection and I thought Macy might enjoy the classic fondant fancies that I enjoyed as a child – lovely colourful bites of heaven.  However instead she chose a Viennese Whirl – she knows her own mind and she doesn’t have an overly sweet tooth.  So we all enjoyed a Viennese whirl in the sunshine, three generations enjoying classic Mr Kipling.  Lovely buttery crumbly biscuit with just the right amount of jam and buttercream and only 145 calories so I didn’t feel too guilty afterwards!  Mind you walking up and down the bank a couple of times soon burnt that off!

It was lovely to be outdoors in the sunshine and Macy loved her afternoon out as she was free to do what she wanted and play (floating grass boats in the dog's water bowl much to his disgust!)

I don’t give Macy a lot of sweet things and when I do I tend to make my own cakes so it is nice to know the Mr Kipling range has 100% natural flavours and no artificial colours.

Of course we can always find an excuse for some cake, a little snack after dinner whilst doing some colouring always goes down a treat!
This post is an entry for #betterwithcake Linky Challenge , sponsored by Mr Kipling. Learn more at Mr Kipling Cakes

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Afternoon Tea at Wyevale

So we were invited to take afternoon tea at Wyevale, Cosford, Shropshire.

We decided to go at lunchtime so Macy could have her lunch and play in the soft play afterwards.

Afternoon tea was lovely, we had a choice of sandwich fillings from savoury cheese, ham and egg mayo. We ordered an afternoon tea each but realistically could have shared one.

As well as a round of sandwiches you got a hot drink, a cake and a scone with jam and cream. My only disappointment was that you couldn't chose to have brown bread. Otherwise the rest was lovely.

The soft play is great as it is enclosed in a small area where we can eat our lunch and know that Macy is safe and can keep our eye on her. It is £1.50 per child.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Aldi Eggjoyables

We love the Cadburys Egg N Spoon, not keen on the double chocolate but love the vanilla cream. They aren't cheap however and in Tesco are £3 for a pack of 4, normally you can get them on offer from somewhere though.

When I was in Aldi today I came across these and snapped them up! At £1.59, it's a bargain.
So the box looks similar, same concept inside the box:
Four eggs and two spoons, the eggs look exactly the same when unwrapped:

But what about the taste? Well, I actually preferred them! I was surprised as I didn't think they could be as nice but to find them nicer, well that is a bonus! There was more cream inside and the chocolate shell was thicker too. The cream was a bit sweeter and reminded me of milky way - like a fluffier version.

So the conclusion is I shall be saving some pennies and buying these :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

PDSA Big Pet Survey 2015

Help the PDSA make a better life for all pets by adding your voice to the PDSA Big Pet Survey 2015.


Prizes to be won in the survey prize draw include vouchers, six months supply of pet food, pet toys, Secure Microchip Pet Door.

I completed the survey yesterday, it only takes 5 minutes and was really easy. I completed it on my iphone without any difficulty - mobile friendly :)

Friday, 26 December 2014

Strider Balance Bike

Macy has been pushing her little Bullyseye pony around for a while now her feet can reach the floor so we started looking at balance bikes.  I had never liked them as they always look a bit nasty but a friend at work bought her son one from Halfords and it looked like a proper bike which I much preferred.  She said he is progressing so much quicker than her daughter who always had a trike as she has never got the hang of balancing.  So that was it and we said that will be her Christmas present.

We had a good look online at what was about and because Macy is quite small, it did narrow our search down.  Quite a few are from ages 2 and up so there were only a few from 18 months up.  I don't like the wooden or plastic ones and we were really taken by the look of the Strider bikes.  After a bit more research we decided that was the way to go.
  • Striders are under 3kg in weight against most others which are around 4kg, so easier to handle
  • Handlebars are adjustable whereas most others aren't
  • Seat and handlebars are adjustable with an easy clamp - no tools required, sport model
  • Footrests for when the child is confident, they can put their feet up
  • Lower saddle height than any others
  • More benefits can be found here: Reasons to Buy a Strider

We decided to go for a yellow bike to look a bit different from the usual girly pink.  We also went for the Sport over the Classic mainly because of the smaller handlebar grips because of her little hands.  Also though because we liked the handlebar pad, the quick release clamps and the fact it came with the longer saddle post too.
We ordered a number, yellow wheel and grips, however a few days before Christmas we saw some photos of multicoloured Striders and decided we wanted to make it look a bit more girly and wanted to pimp it up in pink!  So after speaking to Strider (who have amazing customer service and super speedy delivery) they just said that's fine, just return the yellow bits when you can.  The pink wheels, handlebar grips and saddle arrived the day before Christmas Eve - we expected to have to wait until after Christmas but no, they were here.  The bike went together easily.
Macy unwrapped her bike excitedly.
And she was soon on it!  We held the handlerbars to start as she decided she could do it and it fell over which frightened her a bit but because it is so light, it didn't hurt her.  She was soon back on and flying up and down the lounge.

Today she has been on it this morning and is virtually doing it herself, we are walking behind and just being there to catch it so it doesn't frighten her but it isn't going to be long before she is off on her own as we aren't holding it.
I am amazed that literally after 10 minutes she is virtually balancing on her own and she isn't quite 18 months and also is small for her age.  The bike looks cool and I love being able to customise it so it looks a bit different.
Strider also do the Strider Championship, fun competitions for the children all round the country which looks like great fun for them.  I would really recommend Strider, the product is excellent and their customer service is fantastic :)

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Snowdome Winter Wonderland

 We took Macy along with her cousins Ella (2) and Oliver (nearly 4).  It is free for under 2s and is then £12.95 for children over 2 and adults, however at weekends and closer to Christmas this goes up to £16.95, so it isn't a cheap experience, it does however last about 1 1/2 hours.

The children are taken into an area decorated like an ice cave and introduced to the story which is that santa needs a new helper.  Then  they are allowed into the snow play.  Around the outside is flat snow which you can pull the children along on sledges, they can play, throw snowballs etc.  It is decorated with Christmas trees and fairy lights, it is very pretty.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Whiskas Kitten Food

Pedigree kindly sent us some kitten food as well as the Dentaflex for little Spice.  They also sent us a lovely ceramic bowl in the shape of a cats head, it's a really cute little dish.

Spice is a fairly fussy cat when it comes to food, Clee will eat anything, but Spice is fussy!  She loves the Whiskas kitten food though and enjoys all the different flavours.

It is nice because it is little chunks of meat in a jelly rather than just blended mush!  You put it in the dish and it looks and smells okay unlike most cat foods.

I must admit I like to feed dry as I think it's better for her teeth and she has been having the Whiskas dry food.  However I will give her a bit of this wet food from time to time to give her a bit of variety.