Thursday, 31 July 2014

Real Mums of All-Bran Challenge

This post is an entry for the Real Mums of All-Bran Linky Challenge, sponsored by Kelloggs
I must admit I am not one for eating breakfast, it’s not that I don’t have time as I could make time.  It is just that if I eat breakfast I tend to find I am hungrier late morning than if I don’t eat breakfast!  I don’t know whether it awakens my appetite by eating but that’s how it works for me.  However my digestive system is appalling so I jumped at the chance to try this challenge (eating All-Bran for 5 consecutive days).

I had three different cereals to try:

Chocolate Wheats 
I wasn’t keen on these and no something I would buy myself, the actual wheat tasted of cardboard and the chocolate chips were just too strong, I couldn’t finish the bowl and I am the world’s biggest chocoholic!!
Golden Crunch
These I loved, they were my favourite.   They maintained a nice crunchy texture (I hate soggy cereal!) and tasted lovely, quite a sweet tasting cereal.

Red Berry Crunch
These were also nice but just tasted the same as any other cereal with red berries in it.

Okay you got me, I didn’t eat the cereals for breakfast, I ate them for my afternoon or evening snack.  A lot healthier than a chocolate bar or packet of crisps!  I do eat healthily, we usually have veggies and meat for our dinner and I have fruit during the day, I am not overweight either.  However my digestive system has never been brilliant.  People are surprised when I tell them I poo once a week and I find that I do get a lot of cramps and bubbling sensations. 

After 5 days of eating a bowl of cereal a day I can honestly say all my cramps had gone and I was going to the loo daily!  That is an amazing turn around for me, it really is.  I will be buying these cereals to keep me in good digestive health!!

Real Mum of All-Bran
I am mum to my 1 year old little girl – Macy, she started walking at 11 months, now she is running everywhere so I have to be fit and healthy to keep up with her!  Therefore feeling well in myself is important to me as I want to enjoy being with her and going on adventures together.  I am so glad All-Bran helped me to feel better.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

So I was back earning money at work and thought, why not I am having one!  I had fallen in love with the violet syrup as soon as Quinny posted the new colour.  It came at a time when I was struggling to fit my Xtra (1) in the car when it was packed with dogs, child and everything else!  However I love how light and manoeuvrable the Xtra is so I didn’t want to get rid, I also had the Curious Colours which was so pretty, so it was only when I saw the Violet Syrup I seriously considered upgrading.

I ordered from Very who messed me around and I have since found out do not have very good customer service, however it eventually arrived on Monday.  We tested it properly for the first time today.

The fold mechanism is easy to do, very similar the Xtra 1 – some people say it is too complication and difficult to put up and down one handed, yes you do have to use two hands to put up and down but this doesn’t bother me at all.  The pushchair is so light, I had an iCandy Apple to start with but it was so heavy I got rid.  It folds down so small it is loads better than having to unclip the seat unit which was quite big in itself.  It handles really well and again people have said they don’t find it sturdy as the handles move too much, yes there is some give in the handles but I find this better as it makes it a bit easier to push and isn’t so rigid somehow.  My little girl seems to love it and it’s the first pushchair she actually wanted to get back into! 


Zapp – seat unit is fixed, doesn’t recline or adjust, pushchair folds into one small piece

Zapp Xtra – seat unit has several positions and you can add a maxi cosi car seat, however seat unit has to come off to collapse and is quite large

Zapp Xtra 2 - seat unit has several positions and you can add a maxi cosi car seat, pushchair folds into one small piece – hoorah!!! :)

The only thing I have noticed is the white hood already has a dirty mark on it and we have only been down the road to the pub and back.  Quinny claim the fabric is water and dirt repellent so that is a little disappointing.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

CIF Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial Review

I wanted to take part in this test via Mumsnet as we have dogs, a cat and a small person who likes nothing better than throwing her food on the floor. CIF Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial cleaner appealed to me as I hate mops, the floor takes ages to dry. I had a Vileda a spray 'mop' which was brilliant but after a month the spray stopped working. So I wanted to find something I can use to clean the floor which is quick and easy.

I used this on the floors in the kitchen and the utility, both of which are tiled floors. I liked that you could just squirt it straight onto the floor and could use it without putting it into a mop bucket.  The product didn't have any fragrance which was a shame as I like things to smell nice when they are clean. It was fantastic not having to rinse afterwards, so quick and easy! 

I tend to use my Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop which I loved but it stopped spraying after only a couple of months so I have just been using floor wipes. This is a lot quicker than floor wipes and although it is probably as quick as the Vileda mop, it is a bit less messy and doesn't take as long to dry. It was perhaps not quite as effective as using disinfectant in the Vileda mop as the Cif is obviously not as wet unless you used a lot or diluted it which defeats the object.  However it therefore doesn't take as long to dry. It is designed more for your in between cleans as I don't think it would do a really thorough clean. I used a tesco sponge mop but I think I would look at something which has a washable mop head as the sponge never seems to get completely clean.

£2 for the 750ml bottle is a good price as it did go a long way, the nozzle doesn't let loads of product out so I probably would buy it if there is a fragranced version. I would recommend Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner to my friends/family if there is a fragranced option.

Rum walked on the floor virtually as soon as I had finished and didnt leave any pawmarks which he normally does when I have used the Vileda :)
These opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dizzy - Sleep Tight

I haven't brought myself to post this on any of my social media channels as I just don't think I could cope with seeing all the comments of RIP, sorry etc etc. Am not ready for it and have only just brought up the courage to post this here. We lost Dizzy earlier this month, we miss her terribly, we do have Sweep who takes our minds off things and makes us laugh again but he will never replace Dizzy.

Dizzy was probably a month or so short of her 15th birthday. She had been a shadow of herself for a little while and had not been able to manage walks but she did still want to play ball even though it took an hour to fetch! She was happy and pain free.

She was gradually stopping eating until she stopped completely and couldn't move at all.  We made her comfortable and had to say our goodbyes.

She did really well for a dog with a metal rod in her spine since the age of three! We never had a good go at agility as our first year there was foot & mouth and the next year she was retired.  Heelwork to music involved constantly checking the audience were watching and obedience was what she really did well at.

Diz only had to be shown how to do something once & she knew what she had to do. I never really trained her, just showed her what I wanted. She was a great first dog, I had wanted a dog for years.

The only thing she ever hated unfortunately turned out to be Cas & vice versa, till the end. Luckily when I moved out we could split them so they were both a lot happier.

I am glad I stayed with her until the end and I know now she is happy to run and be free again. I feel a sense of relief, I was dreading the day, but now she is gone I do feel relieved that she is free from pain and happy again.

I am sure she was part human, there will never be a dog as clever as Diz. Sleep tight Diz dog, go and keep Missy company.


Monday, 12 May 2014


Introducing Ferrous A Touch of Danger, no pet name yet! He has come as a bit of a shock (in a good way) as mum had been thinking July time for a pup. However I had seen a photo of this boy and thought he was gorgeous then his breeder announced that his new home had fallen through. Mum and I talked and we just couldn't let him slip by as we didn't know where to start looking in a couple of months and I liked the breeder and lines of this pup. You feel guilty for recently losing Diz but he will never replace her and she wouldn't want us to stop living because of it, she hated seeing us upset. She loved collie boy pups too!

So pup came home, I am a great believer in that everything happens for a reason and what is meant to be is meant to be.

For the collie people out there he is a mix of canen and locheil lines.  He is bred by Donna Thorpe, he is a lovely cuddly, friendly boy.

I will post his diary on my Disco Dogs Blog

Friday, 9 May 2014

Apley Jousting Fair

Apley Jousting Fair - yeah!  Have been waiting all year for this event, due to suffering from SPD this time last year I never made it, so ever since I have been looking forward to it this year.

So, Apley is a local farm shop with and indoor soft play area, cafe, some local shops and a bit of an animal farm with donkey rides.  The cafe does some lovely food and they hold some nice craft fairs there.  They also offer a cookery club, photography course and more.  Take a look at their website: Apley Farm Shop

So onto the Jousting Fair, we arrived at 11am in time for the morning's schedule of displays which were then repeated in the afternoon.  The lurcher display was on in the main ring which I took part in with Rum and let's just say, he won't be joining their team any time soon!  We walked round the stalls and displays - circus tricks the children (and adults) could have a go at, archery and sword fighting they could also give a go, finally donkey rides.

There was a display by Ben Potter with his eagles and vultures which was amazing.

Finally what everyone was waiting for, on came Knights of the Damned Jousting Stunt Team.

They were amazing and it was well worth watching, just wish it could have lasted longer!

The only thing I would say is we couldn't have a proper photo with Mike the Knight as it was a bit of a free for all.  Lots of food available including a lovely Hog Roast (my favourite).  All in all a great day out!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014