Tuesday, 19 May 2015

If you go down to the woods.....

....you will find a Gruffalo, or not as the case was today.  Macy did search high and low but he was nowhere to be seen so she decided he must have gone to the loo!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Petits Filous Magic Squares & Play Dates!

Macy loves to be outside, she hates being shut indoors therefore when the weather is dry we usually find something exciting to do outdoors. She doesn't sit still for long so we are always looking for something active to do and I also believe if children are active from day dot then they should remain so for the rest of their lives and keep fit and healthy.

So when the sun is shining we got the balance bike out which is a great way to burn off that excess energy!
Or we go for a walk with the dogs and to make it interesting we hunt for the Gruffalo feeding Macy's imagination.
On a rainy day we might visit somewhere like the Sealife centre, Macy loves the film Finding Nemo so we hunted for Nemo on our recent trip there.
If we fancy a lazy day indoors when the weather is awful, Macy likes nothing better than role play games, whether it is having a tea part with her toys or pretending to be Doctor Macy and putting a plaster on Tigger!

Petits Filous Magic Squares
Macy has been off yoghurt for a while so I was a little dubious about this test, she likes to do everything herself - little miss independent!  So I put the pot down on the table and gave her a spoon, to my surprise she actually wanted to try it - whether the pot or the two colours of the yoghurt made it look more inviting?  Anyway she loves them, they come in either strawberry or raspberry and vanilla.  

The yoghurts contain just under 20% of their daily calcium allowance and just under 25% of vitamin D.  However there is 9.9g of sugar per pot, now that seems a lot of sugar, I struggle though because there isn't any clear guidance as to how much sugar a toddler/child should have.  I worry about giving her too much sugar as I don't want her to develop an addiction to sugar and I think it is easily done.  There is 12.4g per 100g which does seem about average for a yoghurt but I think it sounds a lot as they are quite big pots - 80g.  American websites seem to suggest between 12-17g a day max for a toddler so that doesn't leave a lot left over after she has had one of these!  If anyone had a good website for UK nutritional guidance for toddlers please let me know as there just doesn't seem to be anything out there for children.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015


We spent a couple of nights at The Grand, Torquay as Mark had to go and sort a repair to a caravan down there so we thought we would have a little bit of a holiday.  With the housebuild we can't afford to go away this year or probably next or the year after at this rate!  So if we can grab a couple of nights away then we're happy!

I love being by the sea, a holiday isn't a holiday without a beach close by, we took Sweep with us to have some fun and to run and play on the beach.  We all loved it and had a fab time.  We also find a little bike track at the back of Goodrington sands which Macy loved on her Strider bike.

We visited the model village in Babbacombe and I was worried Macy would get bored but she loved it and half way round they had a mini golf course too so it gave her something a bit more to do.  Bonus as we could take the dog with us, however we hadn't realised that the car park was pay and display and got a ticket!!  Gutted, we just never thought a tourist attraction would have a pay and display car park so we didn't think to look.

 We've come back feeling refreshed and relaxed :) 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Buying a Mobile Phone

I feel the need to write about my recent exploits trying to buy a mobile phone, which you would think would be a pretty easy thing to do, right?  Well not in my case.  I wanted to buy the phone and not take out a contract as I had damaged my iPhone beyond repair but was still under contract so unless I wanted to pay an arm and a leg to upgrade it worked out better for me to just buy a pay as you go/sim free phone.

O2 it seems didn't offer the Samsung S6 Edge on pay as you go so that was a no go.

EE didn't know when they were going to get stock so I left that one.


Ah three, what a nightmare I have had.  I have seriously considered swapping to Three as I like some of the added extras they offer like being able to use your phone abroad for no extra charge but now I will avoid like the plague!  So in store they advised I could pay for the phone but would need a cheap contract for £8 a month attached to it, however they couldn't pre-order a phone so I would have to ring in a couple of days to see if any had come in.  Fine, but then we had a bite to eat and I looked at their website which was offering the phone for delivery in a couple of days without the £8 monthly contract, you just had to put a £10 top up on it there and then.  Great, I tried to order and unfortunately my credit card was declined, I spoke to Halifax who confirmed my card was unlocked and ready to use so I tried again and still payment wouldn't go through.  The message on their website advised 'go in to a 3Store where we will be pleased to help.'

So off I went back to the Telford store who told me they had never heard of such a thing, the manager came out and said no, the website is a separate option we can't help.  They wouldn't pre-order for me or take my payment as they 'don't pre-order pay as you go.'  Fine I thought I will ring and pay, again no joy, they can't take payment over the phone as it is too much money.  Told me to try again online or to go in store.  So that was that then, I tried online with different cards and I think it is just that our internet is too slow here but am penalised now and can't order with them as there is no other way to pay.  REALLY poor service.  Also annoyed that they do offer a Pay as You Go yet in store they said I would have to have a cheap contract too.

Carphone Warehouse

To be fair they were really helpful in store, advised us how much a contact would add up to over 24 months, spoke to us about how much I could get as a trade in for my old iPhone and was really good.  He said I could have the phone the next day but it is only available on a contract.

After everything with Three I looked on Carphone Warehouse and discovered actually that they do offer the phone on pay as you go and I have since ordered it with the same card I tried on Three's website.

What I am absolutely disgusted about is these companies blatantly LIE about how you can buy a phone, both companies are only interested in a contract deal and choose actually to lie to you to try and force you into a contract.  When you are sure you do not want a contract they obviously would rather lose the business.  It is just disgusting the blatant lies that they tell you, in this day and age where businesses are so strictly regulated they should not be allowed to lie as they do.  I am really losing faith and just don't trust a word any of these companies tell you.

Monday, 20 April 2015

A-Z of Me!

I saw the ‘A-Z of Me’ on http://mrsmagovern.com/ and thought what a good idea. Some of the of the letters were tough!

Agility – Dog agility, something I have missed when I suffered SPD during pregnancy, the dogs getting older.  So Sweep it is down to you!!

Bridgnorth – Where Macy was born, a lovely little MLU, the staff treat you as an individual and we just had a lovely experience there, very well looked after.

Cape Verde – Amazing holiday, guaranteed sunshine heat and no rain with a bonus of no time difference.  Amazing beaches, cocktails, desperate to go back!

Dolphins – I will never get bored of watching the dolphins play in the wake of the boat.  Previous post when we saw them a couple of years ago.

Epic – One of my favourite words, I want everything in my life to be epic and if it isn't I want to make it so. 

Farm – Farming is in the family on my mum’s side, Macy loves to visit the animals and so do I.  When she is older it will be wonderful to teach her where our food comes from and how important farming is.

Goats – I love goats, have always fancied having some pygmy goats, naughty aninals are the best!

Horses – I love riding, there is no better way to relax and clear the cobwebs away.  I love being around horses and the smell of them, wonderful – only a horsey person could understand it.

Important - Important people in my life including my mum and my husband both of which are my best friends.

Joules – I do love Joules clothing!

Karting - I love karting but only on the big tracks like Rednal, Oswestry, I hate the little indoor tracks.  I am awful at karting which surprises people as am good on track in a car but I never did any karting as a child and haven't done a lot as an adult, I seem to be able to nail a car round a track and in a kart I am a big girl!!

Lamborghini – One day…..we can all dream…..

Menagerie - Frequently told we have a menagerie of animals but really 3 dogs, 2 cats and the occasional horse on part loan isn't a lot.  I do love my animals but have never really understood the point of caged animals - little furries, rabbits etc.  If we had land I would have goats, horses, alpacas - now that would be a menagerie!

Nemo - I have watched this film for the millionth time today thanks to Macy's new obsession!

Offspring – My crazy child that is Macy!

Photography – Another hobby, everywhere we go I want to be able to take decent photographs.  These hold your memories, capture a moment in time and you will always look back at them so I want to capture them in the best way possible.

Quit - Something I do too easily a lot of the time, I need to practice that try, try again ethos.

Roses – The only flower I ever plant in my garden, they last forever, flower several times a year and are hardy so withstand my not very green fingers!  There are so many different colours and varieties.

St Lucia – This is where we got married at Calabash Cove, it was perfect in every way.

Track – A track day in a fast car is a great way to spend a day :)

Unimaginative - I wish I had more imagination, I gave up canine freestyle as I just didn't have the imagination for props and routines etc

Vegas – We got engaged in Vegas on horseback on the ranch – how could I not mention that!

Wales – Holds many a happy memory from childhood holidays.

Xscape - Milton Keynes houses airkix and an indoor ski slope - the sort with real snow.  We have enjoyed doing a bit of skiing, boarding and skydiving there :)

Yummy - I love yummy food, I eat most things.  I love my Michelin star dining, but I also love a Maccies as well!

Zzzzzzz – without 9 hours sleep I can’t function, luckily Macy has always been a good sleeper!


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Great Outdoors #betterwithcake!

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day (unusual for Easter Monday!) so we decided we would head out a bit further into the country to our local point to point.  What better way to enjoy the sunshine with a picnic which was made #betterwithcake!

Macy actually picked her Joules hoodie out herself which I though was very apt! 

However it may have been something to do with me telling her we were going to see the horses!!
My mum, Macy and I found ourselves a lovely spot on the bank overlooking the racecourse and sat down to enjoy our hog roast rolls.  What better way to finish than with some cake.  Mr Kipling had sent us a lovely selection and I thought Macy might enjoy the classic fondant fancies that I enjoyed as a child – lovely colourful bites of heaven.  However instead she chose a Viennese Whirl – she knows her own mind and she doesn’t have an overly sweet tooth.  So we all enjoyed a Viennese whirl in the sunshine, three generations enjoying classic Mr Kipling.  Lovely buttery crumbly biscuit with just the right amount of jam and buttercream and only 145 calories so I didn’t feel too guilty afterwards!  Mind you walking up and down the bank a couple of times soon burnt that off!

It was lovely to be outdoors in the sunshine and Macy loved her afternoon out as she was free to do what she wanted and play (floating grass boats in the dog's water bowl much to his disgust!)

I don’t give Macy a lot of sweet things and when I do I tend to make my own cakes so it is nice to know the Mr Kipling range has 100% natural flavours and no artificial colours.

Of course we can always find an excuse for some cake, a little snack after dinner whilst doing some colouring always goes down a treat!
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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Afternoon Tea at Wyevale

So we were invited to take afternoon tea at Wyevale, Cosford, Shropshire.

We decided to go at lunchtime so Macy could have her lunch and play in the soft play afterwards.

Afternoon tea was lovely, we had a choice of sandwich fillings from savoury cheese, ham and egg mayo. We ordered an afternoon tea each but realistically could have shared one.

As well as a round of sandwiches you got a hot drink, a cake and a scone with jam and cream. My only disappointment was that you couldn't chose to have brown bread. Otherwise the rest was lovely.

The soft play is great as it is enclosed in a small area where we can eat our lunch and know that Macy is safe and can keep our eye on her. It is £1.50 per child.